lunch box

Weekend Meal Service for Students

In addition to free breakfast and lunches offered Monday through Friday, the USDA will support a free breakfast and lunch for Saturday and Sunday.  This benefit will be available to both the in-school students and the community for curbside pick up.  For ease of distribution and storage, the meals will be served as a kit containing all of the menu components and for easy transport.

In-School Students

In-school students will have two options for picking up the weekend meals:

Option 1 (preferred)

Families can submit a request through the weekend meal order form. Completing this order form will guarantee that the student(s) receive a weekend meal kit.  They can pick up the food from the satellite station (similar to grab-n-go breakfast) that will be set up in the building.

Option 2

Students exiting the building can stop by the satellite station and pick up one available weekend meal kit per student.  Un reserved meal kits will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Each kitchen will adjust production amounts from week to week based on individual building needs. The students have the option to grab a kit as they exit the building and staff will only need to mark the student as a tally.  


Weekend meals for in-school students will not be distributed on October 13th.  Families will have the option to order for curbside pick up.